Linking a single note to all states


I am attaching a note to a picklist and I want that note to appear even when I change the value in picklist. So I have created dynamic panels and linked pop-ups to value in pick-lists. However I have to attach the same note to the new picklist value in its respective pop-up. The list of notes on the left side on preview thus is becoming really long. Is there a way I can just attach this note so that it appears for all states and in the preview shows as one note?

Hi rahulzlpr,

If you’re able to attach the RP file to this post, this’ll help to clarify your request so that I can further assist. In the meantime, what may be helpful is to add one note for the parent dynamic panel, click on “Customize Fields”, and then add a new note for the different states. This will allow you to link just one note to the dynamic panel.

manage emails.rp (704.1 KB)

Hi jane

I think I have also emailed you separately via the support email along with the attachment. However I am still attaching the file again. Basically the component is a picklist that will open on clicking the white envelope icon on which i have set a pop-up as a dynamic panel. But the actual widget is a picklist named ‘Investor View’ inside that has the duplicate note for both values of the picklist and the note shows twice in the sidebar. Kindly reply as it is urgent.

Hi all,

For those of you following along at home, it looks like this was happening in Rahul’s file because there were two widgets with the same name and same widget note content. If you happen to be seeing duplicate notes in the sidebar when viewing your prototype, clicking the note itself will highlight the specific widget it’s attached to, which may help with tracking down the source of the duplicate note. Hopefully this helps!