Links/Interactions don't work when I preview or publish

Every time I preview on my browser (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer) a lot of my links and interactions do not work. At first, I thought it was an error on my part but when I clicked the “Show Interactions” button on the preview page, buttons and widgets where I set interactions were highlighted.
How do I fix this, please? It’s slowing down my work.

Are you able to post a sample file so people can take a look?

As @willjohnh mentions its easier to troubleshoot if we can see your file…

However, I’ve found 98% of the time if Axure is highlighting your widgets as interactive yet nothing is happening, there’s either a dynamic panel or some other element that’s set to display in front of your interactive widgets that’s preventing the action from firing.

You can use developer tools to help identify the offending widget by right clicking on an element you expect to interact and choosing “Inspect”. The HTML will tell you which widget is actually firing the click. Then make sure that element isn’t in front of your interactive elements.

So I took a quick look and if the issue is the links on the LH menu not working , it’s because you have a dynamic panel (the chat window thing) on the page which is overlaying the menu.

By removing the chat DYNPanel, all the links seem to work again.

I’m not clear on the function or intended positioning of the chat panel so am not sure what to propose in terms of a remedy, but although you have positioned it on the page ‘out of the way’ you have then set to anchor to the top left of the browser window and the panel set to 100% wide, so I’d start there.

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As per @UXProtoTyper 's comment, the simplest way to find this sort of issue is via the browser inspector. In the HTML you can see the ‘Messaging’ div is running the full width of the page over the top of all your links.

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Thank You very much. I was able to resolve it with you guys help. @willjohnh @UXProtoTyper