Links not working safari 11


I just updated Safari to version 11, and now HTML files do not work. None link work.

Any solution?


Hi Cátia,

Hmm, to clarify, are the prototypes not showing up at all in the browser, or do they render but interactions in the prototype seem to fail? To verify, is this happening only in the local generated HTML? Do you see the same issue in preview or on Axure Share, or in other browsers?

If the behavior seems to be limited to the local generated HTML in the latest Safari browser, then this sounds similar to an issue filed on our end. As a workaround, you can go to “Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop menu in menu bar” and then to “Develop > Disable Local File Restrictions”. If you disable local file restrictions then this should allow your interactions to work in the local generated HTML in Safari 11.

Hopefully that helps! I’ve gone ahead and filed this under our existing report in the meantime.

I have the same issue. It looks like links in local HTML prototypes don’t work in Safari 11. My prototypes work fine in Chrome. And also work in Safari once published to Axshare. Perhaps the way you are using Javascript to drop in the link behaviour is failing in the new version of Safari.

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks that workaround solved the issue.