List Box Scrollbar Hiding

Is there a way to hide the list box scrollbar? It shows even if I have all of the items visible.

List Box widgets pretty much have mandatory scrollbar areas. RP9 upgraded styling for many HTML form widgets, but this wasn’t one of them. For situations like this, I’ve used a few “stupid but effective” methods, demonstrated in the attached .rp file.

  • Hide the scrollbar or otherwise offending area behind another widget. Or,
  • Wrap the List Box widget (or multiple widgets) in a dynamic panel (dp) by selecting the widget(s), right-click and choose “Convert to Dynamic Panel”. Then decrease the size of that dynamic panel so the scrollbar is not visible through the panel’s viewport area (20 px should do it.) Set the style for the dp to use the same border color and thickness as your List Box widget.

hide scrollbar.rp (65.1 KB)

Thanks for the answers! This will save a lot of time if I can use the included list box.

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