Loading content in seperate browser

I am working on a Mobile - Desktop handover project

Basically I will pass users off to a mobile handset they are using to capture and scan photos, once complete the mobile app will them to return to the desktop version

For the purposes of the prototype when a user clicks on a continue button using a mobile prototype, I basically want a tick to appear in the computer browser window they will be using side by side to the mobile device, is it possible to cause a reload of an external browser or show content by any such way?


On a completely different browser on a completely different device? No, not with the provided toolkit of Axure. If you’re just demonstrating things, you could set up a key on the desktop computer to trigger the check mark, and just press that to make the tick appear.

If you need to actually work, it’s certainly possible (we have computers, anything is possible) but it will probably be a lot of non-Axure web dev work that you then have to integrate back into Axure.

My advice is to fake it at the lowest acceptable level of fidelity. That might mean you show the phone and tap a button in the phone prototype while subtly pressing a key on the desktop to trigger the animation to make it look like it worked. A little sleight of hand can go a long way.

Another option, still possible complicated but less so that than the real thing, is if you can get your phone to act as a display for the desktop, then you might be able to setup something with a pop-up window from a prototype shown on one device, with the main display on the other. This could probably work too as the pop-up and main window can communicate.

Thanks, I was expecting as much but just thought i’d check, I will set up as onkey change to flick between the different panels as you mentioned