Location + Size bug when rotating object



Hi folks,

It seems I’m experiencing a bug with Ax 7.0.3142. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place widget on canvas (make sure it’s NOT square…i.e., a rectangle will do it)
  2. Note the Location in the Style tab of the Widget Properties and Style pane.
  3. Rotate the object

The coordinates reported in the Location and Style tooltip are correct, but the ones reported in Properties and Styles pane are not updated, so if you move the object, these will continually be incorrect.


This is actually by design. That reports the un-rotated position to make some calculations and use cases easier. We’ll look into changing that.

For now, if you add a second temporary Widget and select your rotated Widget and the second Widget it should report the Location as you want it to.


Thx for the quick response, Ian. Not quite sure I understand the use cases, but it does make working with objects more confusing (for me, at least).

Cheers - @holling

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