Lock and refresh list

I want to make a list of items in a repeater. you can lock items in the repeater and then refresh the view to show new items to replace the items that weren’t locked before refreshing (basically the same idea as this https://coolors.co/app).

I figure that is setting a filter but I’m not certain on the details. I sort of got the filter to work using [[(show things that are locked && less than index 4) || greater index than 3 (the visible items)]]. (This doesn’t work if the repeater is set to only show 3 items at a time but can be gotten around by hiding the longer list in a DP).

Also for the sake of the prototype I would like to add the items that were hidden initially and unlocked back into play to be shown again when refreshed a second time.

Here is what I have now lock and refresh.rp (71.1 KB)
Thanks for any help

Hi mcsper,

I was able to get this somewhat working using conditional logic and using the “Update Rows” interaction. So OnClick of the locked DP, if the state of the panel is “unlocked”, then I set it to “locked” and update the “locked” row to “0”. Similarly, if the state of the panel is “locked”, then I set it to “unlocked” and update the “locked” row to “1”. OnItemLoad of the repeater, I added conditional logic to preserve the locked/unlocked state of the DP. And to delete the “unlocked” rows by pressing the [space] key, I fired an event to a widget inside the repeater to check whether [[Item_locked]] equals “1”, and if so, to delete that row. This will automatically add another row to replace the one that was just deleted. Does this get you closer to what you’re looking for?

lock and refresh_EDIT.rp (98.2 KB)