Logo image doesn't move with other widgets

I have set up some “extended text” to Show when a ‘more…’ widget is clicked. The settings are:
• Visibility: Show
• Animate: slide down t: 250 ms
• More Options: push widgets
• Direction: below

Everything seems to be working fine, with one exception. All of the text-box widgets and entire footer Master are properly pushed down — except for the Logo Image in the footer. I’ve tried Grouping the image with other widgets that move properly. I’ve tried importing the Logo image in different formats (i.e. .png or .jpg). I just can’t seem to find a way to make the Logo Image go along with the other widgets as they are pushed.



I avoid using groups all together because of things like this. Push will only push members of the group that are directly below the widget that’s doing the pushing. Other members of the group won’t move.

Use a dynamic panel to collect your widgets together instead of a group.

Morning Joesph —


After bumbling around a bit, I finally figured out the point that only what was below the ‘push’ would get pushed. My cumbersome workaround was to use a wide .png with a canvas wider than the logo image itself. Leaving the ‘ghost’ section of the image under the ‘pushed’ widget worked… though not as eloquently as your solution!