Logo in Axshare generated sitemap

I seem to recall a feature Axure had a long while back where you can put a logo/image file as a header for the sitemap that is generated by Axure. Trying to find out if this is still possible? If so how, if not - are there any plans to put it back in? Or any kind of branding in the Axure 9 player?



Hi tishaleggett,

The ability to add a custom logo to the HTML sidebar has been removed in the 9 beta, but I’ll let our teams know that you’re missing this feature!

Hi there, is there an update on the status of this feature? Will it be brought back or not? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone,

would also like to know if there is any new status for this topic? Or if you have plans to bring the feature back to live in Axure 9? I would love it.

Hi @Jane_Axure

Do you happen to have any update regarding this request ?
Logo in sidebar is a strong feature, especially for freelancers working with Axure.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I miss this feature dearly as well. Plus the sitemap seems to be collapsed by default now. Can I set it to expand by default?

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Sitemap collapsed? My sitemap is expanded, while i’d rather have it collapsed by default. With one exception, i.e. when a vistor came to a specific page by means of a direct hyperlink: in hat case I’d rather see thee sitemap expand, but only that specific tree.
I find it very hard to present my work without this function, and not overwhelm my client.

I used some scripting years and years ago, and when I search this forum, I find solutions only for r8 - does anybody knows what the status of solutions is?