Lottie Animations in Axure


I created an animation using After Effects and then used Lottie to create an html file.
Created a plugin using Axure Share but my Lottie HTML animation is using .png files that are located in /images/filename.png.
When I Share my project all my images are broken (naturally…)
I tried uploading the png files by just dropping them on an empty Axure page but it seems like axshare is generating a unique address for each png and it’s a bit of a pain.

Is there a better way to combine the .png files ?


I’ve not tried this with separate PNG sources, but encapsulated Lottie animations do work on Axure Share. If everything works well locally, then you’ll need to post the PNG files online–somewhere other than Axure Share, which does not let you host individual asset files, only prototypes. In the BodyMovin plugin or HTML file header you’ll probably need to specify URLs or base URL for your PNG source files. Either that, or post your entire Lottie HTML package on a server and call that from Axure.