Maintaining panel states across viewports

In Axure 8, is there a way to maintain a panel state across viewports. For instance, currently if there is a menu open, you change the viewport and it is hidden again. I would like the menu to remain open while switching between viewports.

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To be precise, changing the viewport won’t affect the states of a dynamic panel. The DP will stay in the same state over all the viewports. But if you change the visibility by hiding / showing widgets, they will be reset by the viewport change. So you have two options here:

  1. Add another state to your DP that is just empty. Have it as State1 so it is the default state shown first. This could fake more or less the show / hide case if you just switch the states within the DP.
  2. Or you could add a global variable which saves the visibility state of your menu. Then you could add a case on the page interaction that reacts OnWindowResize and sets the widget again to saved Hide / Show variable.
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