Make a widget align and stick to the left content edge of a centered page

Hi all,

I am trying to get a dynamic widget to stick to the left hand edge of a centered page.

Something like the small navigation appearing on the left hand side of this page as you scroll down:

I can do this using Pin to Browser + Right hand margin to stick it to the right edge but it won’t do the same for the left edge.

Any ideas? Have attached a sample file.

You can move the widget on scroll of the page to always be at the top. See attached.

I wasn’t sure if you wanted it to overlap the colored bars or not. It’s currently set to maintain whatever x position you give it and will adjust the y position so it will always be at the top. If you want to offset that by some distance you can add that.
Left alignedsticky.rp (58.4 KB)

Thanks so much for your help! I have just started using Axure and after several searches I am unable to find how to position the widget say 200px from the top. I can change the position of the widget down to the desired position (see attached) but it won’t stick there - as soon as I scroll it moves to the top of the page. See attached.
Left alignedsticky-moved-down.rp (58.2 KB)

Do you want it to scroll with the page (i.e. always be 344 from the top edge of the page)? If so, change the onscroll event for the page to be [[Window.scrollY+344]]. Your widget will always stay 344 from the top of the page as you scroll.