Making table and its table cells scale-responsive

Hi guys,

How can I make a table and its table cells in 100% width? So if I scale my browser the table cells and the table width is scaling nicely? Sounds so easy to do but in Axure this seems to be a bugger though…


Hi Eugene,

Though regular shape widgets can now be dynamically resized (via the “Set Size” action), I’m afraid the Table and Menu widgets are more limited in that they cannot be resized dynamically. As a workaround, I’m thinking it might work to build a custom table out of regular shape widgets/boxes, group them, and then dynamically resize the group based on the “window.width” property under the OnWindowResize event. Here’s a screenshot:

(Feel free to check out the attached RP as well.)

As a caveat, creating fully responsive prototypes currently isn’t feasible in Axure RP. The Set Size action can definitely help, but the best/standard way of accommodating multiple display sizes in RP is to use Adaptive Views:

For reference, here’s a write-up that dives more into the topic of simulating responsiveness in Axure RP:
ResizeShapes.rp (57.5 KB)

you might be onto something there…;