Manage selections groups


Is there somewhere I can get an overview of all selections groups I have, and delete some of them? Or even reset all of them.


No, there’s not a way to look for or reset selection groups. Can you let us know why you were looking for this capability?


I do a lot of copy paste, especially of buttons and accordion menus, sometimes I forget to change selection groups and after a while I don’t know what object is in what selections group. This causes the selected state to not work, as more than 1 object in the selection group is selected. I then have to create a new selection group, and end up with a really long list with selection groups and not knowing which are old/not usable etc.

Thanks, that makes sense and does seem challenging! I appreciate the additional context.

So once I put something in a selection group, there’s no way of removing it from there?

Sorry for the confusion; you can remove a widget from a selection group! To so so, just clear out the field where you’ve entered the selection group name.

Ahh. I was trying to remove the checkmark from the right-click ‘Selection Group…’ or was searching for a None option in the dropdown. It didn’t occur to me that I can select and delete the Group Name. But found it. Thanks!


it’s been a little over a year and a new version 9, but this is still a problem.

imaging i have a lot of tabs/radios/… that share a group.
if i accidentally have two widgets that are selected, i have to manually check every one to find the culprit.
the Trace in the Console also doesn’t help because it does not log who has the “selected” value on.