Manipulate Curve by three points

Hello Axure Community!

I’m trying to implement a functionality via Axure, but I can’t get it to work.
Maybe someone has an idea how to do it correctly.

I have built a file with three points. I can select and deselect these. When a point is selected, I can move it by clicking on the screen.
So far so good. But now I want my curve to adjust itself according to these three points. I think this is not possible, because I can’t do this with curve points.
But it should be possible to at least have these three points and the curve in a dynamic panel. And the size of the dynamic panel automatically adjusts to the content (i.e. the boundaries of the 3 points) and could thus scale the curve? Or do I have a thinking error? Anyway, I can’t get it to work.

I would be very grateful for any ideas! Thanks so much!


manipulate_curve.rp (62.2 KB)

I recommend you to use two lines.
One line connects dot1 and dot2.
Another line connects dot2 and dot3.


Wow! Deeply impressed!! :clap: Thank you very much!!! Great :grinning::grinning::star_struck:
This looks very complicated. Could have never done this myself

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Hi Jorkin,

Unfortunately, a strange error occurs. While it worked great over the weekend, the same file of yours does not work now.
Drag and drop moves the points correctly. But when clicked, the points always end up in the top left of the screen, no matter where they were clicked.

Very strange, because I haven’t actually changed anything. Is it Axure, the computer, the browser? I have not changed any settings!

Thank you, Maila

Thank you very much Jorkin,

well I am not sure where the problem comes from, it works fine when i am not connected to the network in the office. I will find out somehow. Thanks so much for your help!

I am curious what you can do with this effect.

Will you post the preview link?

We finally found out the reason for our problem. If we have connected more than one screen to the computer, The Cursor.x and Cursor.y are not correctly set, but it is always set to x=0 y=0. When loading/opening the clickdummy we need to disconnect the second screen After it has loaded we can connect it again, and the clickdummy will work fine. Very strange behaviour. We didn’t have this Problem in Axure 8. This is some weird bug.

With this functionality we want the user to define a special curve on an image.

Hey Jorkin,

thanks again for your help! I tried to implement it. We would like to mark a very flat curve.
Unfortunately this works not very well here. As you can see the curve is better when it is rounded nicely. When it is flat, it becomes nearly unvisible even if the border is thicker. I tried different things already but couldn’t get it any better.

Maybe you have any other idea?

Thank you Jorkin :slight_smile:

I implemented an image instead of a shape now. Looks a little better at least :blush:

Thank you very much Jorkin :grinning::+1:, I think this will be the solution! Using images the performance is very bad and the drag happens to run very slowly