Mapping interactions to a Game Controller

Hi all! I’ve been using axure for wireframing and prototyping in games lately. I’m looking to start figuring out how to use a gamepad controller in navigating these prototypes. I’ve downloaded joytokey, but I’m still in need of a basic how-to in getting started–can anyone point me in the right direction for doing so?


From the looks of it, joytokey presents itself as a keyboard, and you can decide which keyboard key each controller button “presses,” so you’ll be wanting to check for keyboard messages, just as you would if you were testing which character your user typed on a regular keyboard.

I’d start by using handling the Page Key Down (assuming KeyDown is the keyboard message that joytokey sends). You can set up conditional logic to handle various keypresses, all within the same Page Key Down event. Here is some pseudocode:

Page Key Down
  If key pressed is A
   -- Do the "A was pressed" action
  Else if key pressed is B
   -- Do the "B was pressed" action

If you are unfamiliar with conditional logic, start here.