Marquee: Rotate 8 images horizontally defined in onLoad event

Hi Guys,

I have about 8 images with me and I want to scroll them horizontally when the page Loads, i.e. onLoad event.

Please guide me.


Maybe this will help?

Thanks for your revert @Emgee, but I have different requirement.

In the attached rp file, I have 8 images and all the 8 images are visible. Now I want to automatically rotate them from left to right.

Is this possible?


marquee.rp (56.5 KB)

Hi @apurvo,

do you have a live example of what you want to achieve?

Because on you first post you want to: [quote=“apurvo, post:1, topic:54134”]
scroll them horizontally

and in your second to:[quote=“apurvo, post:3, topic:54134”]
rotate them from left to right


Hi @PierreJ,

As of now, I do not have a live example.

But, to make things for clear this image has five blocks<img src="//" width=“690”.

Now, on the image it shows 8 on the left and 12 on the right. Now on the page load, I want to define a case, which should make the bar scroll horizontally from left to right, which means after 1-2 seconds, 9 would be at the extreme left and 8 would be at the extreme right. Similarly, after 1-2 seconds again, 10 would be at the extreme left, 9 would be at the extreme right. This bar would continuously keep on scrolling from left to right.

Please let me know we we on the same page what I am trying to achieve? And, is this interaction feasible to replicate in Axure RP?


Here look what @jlhelmers did on this post:

Using the interaction OnPageLoad and not OnClick on the button should solve your issue:
Bar_Scroll (2) - On load.rp (124.4 KB)


Thanks @PierreJ, this solves my problem :slight_smile:


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