Massive file sizes?

Hi guys,

My file has suddenly ballooned out to almost 500MB.

I’ve systematically gone through and:
a) removed almost all images
b) optimised the few images that are left

I need to get it down under 400MB so I can publish to Axure share for the client in the next 24 hours.

Any help would be great.

Inside the folder “Axure User Data” then “Axure-9-0” you can find several backups of your file, maybe you can find one saved before this issue.

Hi Croops,

If you email the file to (I guess via dropbox or similar, since it’s so large), we can take a look to try to find what’s causing this and get it cleared up. We haven’t seen other issues like this in the beta, but do occasionally in general see odd bugs where generators or widgets can cause the file size to grow unexpectedly.


You might try opening a fresh file and importing everything from the problem file using the File: Import from RP file command.

@Croops @Rachel Sorry to jump into this thread, did you manage to get this resolved? I’m experiencing a similar issue with RP9



Oh, that’s no good! I wasn’t able to find a record of @Croops having written in. (It’s possible that they did so but it just wasn’t associated to this forum thread on our support ticket management end.)

@EmceeJase, can you get us a copy of the file so that we can try to look into it?
Since I haven’t been able to find any specific reports on our issue tracking end, I’m not too sure of likely culprits.

We could also set up a screenshare if we can’t find a good way to get the file sent over, given the size.

Hi @Rachel - I’ve responded in my original thread here: RP9 File Size Jumped to 470mb. Thanks

If you could take a look, that would be awesome!


I did this. It helped reduce the file size of the .rp file. I’m still unsure why Axure needs to upload the whole thing to the cloud though.

Rachel I’m flat out at the moment trying to get my prototype tested with users. I’ll try and loop back around in the next few days to send you the file via Dropbox. Appreciate the response though!

Thanks @Croops! We have a tentative solution we’re looking at. It would be great to test your file against it to make sure it’ll clear up your case, if you get a chance. Otherwise, we’ll let you know when we think we have the fix for you to try.

@Croops build 3624 is now available and should reduce your file size (and keep it small). Can you please try this out with the file you mentioned, and let us know how it goes? Thank you!


On Monday the file size was 429MB

Today I updated to build 3624 and did a save as… new file size: 37.8MB

Amazing work guys :+1:

And thanks for the follow up @Rachel - much appreciated


Hi, I am dealing with the same issue. I am trying to publish my file and it says that the file is 411mb. I tried not publishing some of the pages, to see where the issue was, but I noticed that it constantly said my file was 411mb. I ended up unclicking all the files and trying to publish that. It still said 411mb. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue as well! Just to confirm, are you experiencing this large file size after performing a “Save As” save on your file using build 3624 or later? If the issue is persisting for your file copy after taking these steps, please email the file to, using a file hosting site such as Dropbox if necessary.

Hi @Chelsea_Axure, yes I performed a save as with the latest build. I was able to resolve the issue by going through every image file and clicking on “optimize image.” Thanks for your quick reply.

Hi @Chelsea_Axure, welp that didn’t last long. Back to the same issue and all the images are optimized. I can’t send the file, as it contains sensitive information. Any other tips?

Hi there!

Hmm, would it be possible to send over a version of the file where the sensitive information has been removed? If the file size remains large in this case, then this simplified file could help to troubleshoot the issue.


I am having a similar issue where my file is currently at nearly 500MB but I’m about 70% of the way through making it, could i get some help on how to reduce this please?

Thank you

Hi Rachel, I’m having the same problem here. I’m trying to upload the file to the cloud for my UX researcher but my file is 550+MB and I’ve checked all my images which are not that big. Any idea of what I can do? I can send my file to the Thanks!!

Hi @NicholeTian sending the file would be great. The support team will be much faster at diagnosis vs. our speculation. If it’s too big to send as an attachment, just let them know it’s on the way, and then send it over a file sharing service (Dropbox, etc). My fingers are crossed they’ll get this figured out quickly!