Master Control Over Color Palette?

I’m wondering if there is a way to control all colors in a prototype. At work right now we are doing a color study and developing a new brand palette. I’d like to be able to “theme” my prototype so we can easily test new themes.

I’m logically guessing a good number of UI elements can be controlled with global variables or additional DP states. That’s also a lot of work. I’m also not sure how I would change the color of html elements.

If possible I’d like to control this programmatically and also use the opportunity to dive deeper into Axure interaction coding.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your help.

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The closest thing I can think of that Axure has is the Widget Style Manager.

To keep the list of styles from becoming completely overwhelming, I would probably create an empty .rp project file for each of the different “themes” and then import the content from your main prototype. That way I’d only have to worry about updating a single project with all the “real” stuff and the “theme projects” would remain independent for use with any future designs.

Thank you, huban,

That’s a clever and efficient idea. And as the prototype develops in its lifecycle one could simply continue to copy/paste into the alternate color rp file.

I’ll give it a try and post back with an example.

Thank you!


Also interested in a more efficient way to manage colors than with the widget style manager. I have many styles and would need to go into every style and adjust colors there. Figma’s “Selection Colors” and Adobe XD’s Colors Library are both quicker. Easier branding changes would be highly appreciated, especially from a white-label product’s point of view! Also tried to define global variables as a workaround but it seems that it isn’t possible to assign variable values to colors. A solution for this issue would have been a reason for us to upgrade to RP 10 but as far as I could find out, there is no new feature or option for this in RP 10.

Otherwise I love Axure, thanks for such a great product!