Master Image Override Not Displaying in Preview/Publish

Hello! I’ve spotted a bug. Ever since the most recent update, image overrides for masters have not been displaying when previewing or publishing. I noticed this in a big complex file I was working on, but I was able to recreate it in a simple file quickly. I’m on version

This is how it looks in Axure…

…and this is how it looks when you preview it.

And this is what the master looks like. The image here is the default value.

I’ve also attached the .rp file I tested this in. This bug has been messing up some of my bigger prototypes, so if this could be fixed soon, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

master image bug.rp (73.1 KB)

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Hi aviggh!

I wanted to let you know that this behavior is unexpected and that I’ve been able to reproduce this issue in your file as well as in a new file. I’ll be filing a bug report regarding this issue with our respective teams for further investigation on your behalf. I’ll let our teams know how this is impacting your workflow as well.

In the meantime, you could potentially remove the image widget from the master, and instead place the images directly on the page. I hope this workaround helps some while we investigate this issue!


Thanks for the quick response. I’ve done something like that and it’ll work out fine in the meantime. The ability to override masters is one of my favorite features of RP 9, so I look forward to it working again. Keep up the great work!

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Hi, I am currently having the same issue, with image overrides in master’s not being displayed. The images does show if I break away the master and then add the image again.

Is there any update on this issue?

I could break away all master’s but then I would need to add images for the overrides which would be time consuming.

Many thanks,

Hi lizaa!

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue as well! Our teams are currently investigating the cause of this issue, but I’ll be adding a note to the issue’s report regarding your experience.

One workaround you could use is to hide and/or cover the image widget that is placed in the master with an image widget that is placed directly on the page. In this way, you would not have to break away the entire master or modify the current images overrides, but you would be able to more easily control the visible images.

I hope this helps some!

I can see that this topic is 6 months old, but I am still experiencing the issue.
Maybe it’s a regression.

Hi beveno!

Sorry to hear that! Hmm, I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior on my end just yet, could you send along a sample file where you’re seeing this issue? If you would prefer not to post your file on the forum, you can email and include the file there instead.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Please find the rp file below.
My steps:

  1. Draw a rectangle (with the R key)
  2. Right-click and set as master
  3. In the master. drag and drop, Original SVG Icon (Downloaded, from Material design icon library).
  4. Add label text to identify different icon (with the T key)
  5. back to page 1, duplicate the master.
  6. Select duplicated master. in the overrides section, change label text.
  7. Click on choose images, select other SVG icon.
  8. Launch preview and see that the icon is not the correct one.

Master-overrides-test.rp (57.3 KB)

Hi benevo!

Thanks so much for sending this information along! I wanted to let you know that I was able to reproduce this behavior, and it seems like it’s related to overriding SVG files. Image files (JPG or PNG) are able to be overridden correctly. I’ll be filing a bug report regarding this SVG behavior for our teams to review on your behalf.

Thanks again for letting us know about this!

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