Master Top Nav with Adaptive Views

I have a user account icon in the top right (in a master with views that correlate with the page’s adaptive views). Directly beneath it is a group of rectangles that represent buttons. At the base view, clicking the icon drops the group into view. Anything smaller than the base view results in this “menu” not showing up.

I’ve put the menu in the same DP as the icons, I’ve moved it out and into the master, I’ve pinned the user icon in a DP outside the “navbar” DP… I can’t get the menu to show up Onclick unless the page loads into the ‘base’ adaptive view.

Ideally, I’d like a full width sticky nav bar, so I’d pin the right stuff to the right side and the left stuff to the left side (only way to keep it above the 100% width bar DP - checking keep in front)masternav.rp (4.6 MB)

Additionally, less problematic, but still weird… if the prototype loads into a smaller adaptive view than base, the third image is used for every card in the repeater. Not sure why that’s happening, but it works fine if you go up to the max size and refresh, THEN shrink the browser window.

Hi JimJam!

Hmm, I experienced the same behavior when trying to open the account button’s drop down menu. To look into this issue a little more, could you please let me know if this was previously an Axure RP 8 file? If so, could you please send along the Axure RP 8 version of the file as well?

Additionally, I wanted to let you know that I haven’t been able to reproduce the second issue you described just yet. When I loaded in the page using a smaller web browser, the repeater images loaded correctly. Could you tell me more about the steps taken when this issue occurred?

Hi Chelsea! Thanks a ton for the response. I hope you’re doing well.

This file was not, to my recollection, ever an Axure RP 8 file, but it’s certainly possible that some pieces or masters were brought over and converted from RP 8. I’ve used the pin right, 100% width NavBar in a master method in RP 8 and 9 with no issues, but this is the first time I’ve attempted to use it with adaptive views. Unfortunately, if it did start out as an RP 8 file, that was a month’s worth of iterations away and perhaps a differently named file used as a base. I can’t find it. :frowning:

As for the broken repeater, it’s happening at the 1200ish breakpoint (used ) If I re-size Chrome to 1220-1240ish enough to get into that adaptive view and then F5 preview my prototype in that browser, it uses the third image across the entire repeater. Then if I re-size down to the 900ish adaptive view from there, it just uses the generic ‘image’ placeholder in the repeater.

Hi JimJam!

Thanks so much for letting me know more about this file’s set up! After some additional testing, I was able to reproduce this first issue in a new file.

The crux of the issue appears to present in for adaptive masters that are placed in adaptive views. In these cases, I found that a few interactions do not behave in an expected way for non-base views when a Set Image action is used. While some display slightly off behavior, like the Rotate and Move By actions not firing when an animation is used, the main issue appears to be that all actions placed after a Set Image action do not fire.

Removing the Set Image animations from your buttons should allow all of the other interactions to fire appropriately. You could instead mimic the image’s behavior by showing and hiding a series of shape widgets, or by using a dynamic panel with multiple states.

Because the behavior caused by this Set Image action is unexpected, I will be filing a bug report regarding this issue with our respective teams shortly.

I’ve looked into the repeater images issue as well! Following your provided steps, I was able to reproduce the issues that you experienced with the repeater and its images. After more investigation, I found that an interaction style for a widget in your “SideNav” master was causing this issue.

I found that removing the “Selected” styling for your SideNav’s “Home” rectangle widget (The one that displays the text “Home”) resolved the issue where the repeater was displaying incorrectly. You could also remove the “Home” rectangle entirely and rebuild the styling for it, and this should resolve the issue as well.

As this issue appears to widget-specific, I’ll be filing a report regarding this widget with our teams as well. If you continue to experience this issue after modifying and/or removing this widget, please let me know!

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