Master view and repeaters: Can't break away properly


I’m currently a bit frustrated about what seems to be a bug to me.

What’s happening?
Well, I decided to build a pattern library for every regularly used UI component inside our company. My goals was to have each component at hand and ready to use in three different views (1440, 1024 and 320 for mobile). Decided to use the master view to support having only one master version of every component, then adapt to screen width from there.

What’s the Problem?
Now, the above works like a a charm, when I use “regular” content items for the component. I can easily drag them in, switch the view to lets say 320 for mobile and then “break away” the master to use it in context.
With repeaters, this just won’t work. As soon as I break away, it will always jump back to the 1440 view of the component, which is absolutely not supporting to the general idea and seems like a bug to me.

To illustrate the behaviour, I’ve attached a sample file. Is there any solution/workaround or bugfix to this?

Thanks for helping me out here :slight_smile:

repeater-masterview.rp (114.2 KB)