Master views do not appear in snapshots

Hello! I have been using RP 9 for my latest project, and I like it so far. However, I’ve run into something which is either a bug or a missed feature.

I use snapshots for documentation. However, I’ve discovered that master views don’t show up properly in snapshots. I’ve attached a file that shows this in action. If you could do something about this, that would be great! Also, let me know if there are any workarounds I can use in the meantime. Thank you!

snapshot-bug.rp (64.0 KB)

Hi aviggh,

We have this issue on file with our QA team, where master subviews do not appear in snapshots, and I’ve added this post to that report. In the meantime, the workaround would be to have two separate masters for each differing master view. I realize that removes the whole point of master views, but hopefully it helps for now!

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