Master Views - how do YOU use them?

I’m interested in hearing where you’ve used the new MV feature.
It looks like a nice idea, but i haven’t been able to find a good use for it.

Please note that i do not need adaptive views either - the stuff i work on is only intended for large screens.

Here is good example with buttoms

I used them in Adaptive Views. It worked like a charm.

@melibrion @rajsca
Thank you both, but what i’m interesting in are real-world examples of how you used this.
Just remember that adaptive views are not needed by me.

@iravid use it similar like atomc in design system and their variations. You can have one master with different style through project

I had a similar question. Why would I ever use this option other than an adaptive view (which is now just a pain in the ass to manage because it’s separate from adaptive views…) The button example doesn’t seem like a valid use case to me. Why would I use that if I have styles appropriately set up in my document? I certainly don’t need a master for a single button…

Has anyone used these for an actual system design? I’m totally baffled by this update and it only seems to be making all of my work HARDER.


I have the same question, also probably to ask the @axure team.

As you mentioned, I have tried to use the example here - and set-up my buttons. I have 9 different variants and originally I had it set-up via styles. However, styles do not cover “mouse-over” effects and the updating the styles is a pain (if you use components from a shared library) so I saw the opportunity here.

Now, either I’m missing something here or I was not able to set it up properly, but when I use the master and apply Master overrides to change the text of the button, the button size does not accomodate to the text properly… (!?!)

test_master-views–text-width-issue.rp (64.0 KB)

Can anybody help? Thanks

I don’t believe the widget can adjust to fit text - instead, you will need to have pre-set button sizes (Small, Medium, Large etc) and choose one of those to best accommodate your text.

In your specific example though, you can have a different button size for each of the colours, so the blue Cancel can be bigger than the white Edit

That does not help. I have dozens of variations of texts. It needs to be flexible. This feature does not make sense to me. :angry::roll_eyes:

I didn’t say it made any sense :wink:

With the “Fit to text” from Ax8 it would have make sense to adapt size of button to text if padding were well set I think :disappointed_relieved: