Masters bug in preview?

Update: Hmm still it kills me , some solution ? It is kind of showstopper now :frowning:
Its just render out to preview (browser) random states , so for me it is useless now

After hour of pain I figured it out that even If you make two different groups - like assumed
GroupA — > View A
and Group B — > View B , it doesn’t work in export how it was intended.
Although in AX it shows right! . In export there is always same content, it does not make any difference to uncheck Affect All Views.
Is that bug or I am missing something ? My use case was to create Menu in Master and then simply have. more variants for each page like Homepage,Dashboard,Product…etc. And then simply switch that so called ‘views’ in master. Maybe I was wrong when assuming to rename only group was enough ?

Best Karel

Hi Karel,

Hmm, could you post your .rp file here for me to test? I’m having trouble understanding what the issue is, so having your .rp file will help to ensure that we’re on the same page. Any additional details you’re able to provide will help as well. Thanks!

Hi Jane, thank you for reply , here is Axure file - done in beta, it should work that way:

there is one master Header, consists of two views - Home and MarketPlace, each view is different.
Then this Master is placed simply on Test1 and Test2 page, each one has set in Style Pane Home or MarketPlace view according to Master

After exporting to web, it shows only one view of Master for all pages, although in Axure there is everything OK.
At least for me. So please what I am doing wrong here ?

edit: simplier rp file, focusing on bug only
MastersBug.ax9.rp (57.2 KB)

Hi uxkarel,

Thanks for sharing the .rp file! I see the same issue as you, and I was able to reproduce this in a new file where grouped unplaced widgets in master views do not update accordingly in the browser. I’ll be filing this as a bug with our QA team, but for the meantime, a few workarounds are to 1) un-group the groups or 2) use master overrides on each page to set the text on the master, rather than unplacing widgets with differing text in each master view.

I’ve edited your file to demonstrate both workarounds. Lmk if you have any questions!

MastersBug.ax9_EDIT.rp (74.7 KB)

Oh Overrides are a bit limited when I need to make for example breadcrumb with chevrons and text link -but their length varies. , so I guess I’ve to use workaround 1 now. Which I hope will work for dynamic panes too.
Thanks for help and I will definitely look to this option.

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