Matching radio buttons

I’m trying to make a matching app. So I have two pages and both have 5 radio buttons and if the radio button (1) in both pages is selected on the first page it would create a match with page 2. Does anyone know how to make this kind of case / function in Axure?

You should be able to use global variables to pass values between pages.

MatchAcrossPages.rp (68.6 KB)

I put same Radio button on both pages, but nothing happens

If you’re talking about copying and pasting from the file I uploaded into yours, you’ll still need to setup the global variables in your project for it to work.

If you can post your project file, I can take a look.

So how do I setup the global variables in the file u sent, cause I cant get anything to happen when I match thee radio pages in both pages.

Please help me fix this issue

Without your project file, I don’t know exactly what’s going on. I updated the one I shared with some basic instructions on what I did: MatchAcrossPages.rp (137.6 KB)

Alright here is my page. I could not get it to work even tho I followed ur instructions… So let’s say in page 1 Radio button 1A and 2A are matched then this text would show up to tell that there is a match.

MatchingPages.rp (274.0 KB)

Your global variable setup was a bit jumbled up. MatchingPages2.rp (274.9 KB)

The radio buttons on the “Employer” page change the [[OnLoadVariable]] variable but the “Profile” page didn’t have a variable setup for it.

Some of your logic references several different variables that aren’t setup: [[Employer]], [[Profile]], [[ProfileSelection]]. (I chose [[ProfileSelection]] and configured the rest of the project to use it.)

The “Match” widget’s “Loaded” case logic is checking if the [[OnLoadVariable]] is blank twice, instead of checking if profile variable is blank.

Okay now it works just how i wanted to, thanks! Is it possible to import this to Google Forms or other website?

No. Axure markets itself as a prototyping tool so it doesn’t support any kind of “code reuse”. The HTML it generates is pretty “messy” and its jQuery library is specific to Axure so you’d have to somehow load it with the Google form in order for any of the logic to work.

I know that others have had some (very) limited success with connecting Axure to Google sheets as a way of permanently storing input from Axure prototypes, but I’ve never done it myself.