Menu Interaction Styles - some items not selectable — HELP!

I know I’m an Azure RP 8 ‘newbie,’ but I’m stuck on something that I thought would be simple.

I’d like to place an line under selected main menu items. While Line Color and Line Width are selectable, I can’t access Line Style or Border Visibility.

What do I have set wrong?

Hello and welcome!

What’s the object that you’re applying the menu style to? Is it a shape, table cell, or something else? Can you upload a file or screenshots so the we can see what’s already applied?

Hi 28

I was attempting to apply an underline to a ‘Classic Menu - Horizontal’ widget.

Did you ever resolve this? I didn’t see a notification that you replied. :frowning:

Hi Figment,

As you’ve found, Line Style and Border Visibility are not available to style with the Class Menu widgets. If you wanted to apply an underline style to a menu item, however, you can select the “Underline” option (above Font Color).

Hi 28,

For some reason my post going back a couple of weeks never went through (ether gremlins).

As Jane notes, the Classic Menu doesn’t allow line/border adjustments.