Menu Issue - Pinned header always shows over collapsing panel

I have a collapsing menu on right side of page and a header that is pinned to the top of page. No matter what I do, when I expand the menu, the header still shows. I’ve been trying to figure out for several hours and can’t find any tips to help!

Hi ufdylan!

Hmm, is there a chance that your pinned header is using “Keep in front” styling? This makes it so that a pinned dynamic panel always shows in front of any other widgets on the page. You can check on this by selecting your pinned header’s dynamic panel and clicking the “Pin to Browser” link in the Style pane. If the “Keep in front (browser only)” checkbox is checked, try deselecting this and then preview the page again.

I hope this helps!

closed project reopened it and it worked. not sure why that would fix or change anything but it did.

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