Missing Options from Location and Size

The following features are not appearing in the Location and Size Properties, but I find them very useful in RP8

  • Each Widget settings is now default, and Location + Size is no longer an option
  • Flip Horizontal / Vertical: control is not shown at all
  • No geometry join buttons


Like most things with Axure 9, it’s not very intuitive. (They really need to go back to the drawing board on so many things.) But the x, y, width, height in the Axure 9 toolbar is equivalent to the “Location + Size” fields in the Axure 8 style tab, and (ironically) Location and Size in the Axure 9 Style Tab is equivalent to the Each Widget x, y, width, height in Axure 8.

I can’t find flip horizontal/vertical either. Or text rotation for that matter.

Thanks for the reply! After some fiddling, I discovered that this input defaults to the “Each Widget” behavior instead of what it did before, like you indicated. I always wondered why it wasn’t like that by default before, so I guess that’s good?

My view does not show the geometry join tools, like your image. Is that something you enabled?

Hi there!

Horizontal and vertical flips are specific to shape widgets, and you can access these by right-clicking on a shape widget and then navigating to “Transform Shape > Flip Horizontal” or “Transform Shape > Flip Vertical”. Please note that these only impact the shape of the widget itself, and not the content of the widget.

The geometric tools (Unite, Subtract, etc.) are also only available when there is a multi-widget selection of shape widgets. If a single widget is selected, or a non-shape widget is part of the multi-widget selection, the geometric tools will not be available.

Additionally, text-specific rotation is not currently a feature of Axure RP 9. Instead, you can place your text on a widget, rotate the widget, and then modify the border and fill properties of the widget so that it can be placed above another widget.

I hope this helps!

Hi Chelsea!

This blog post specifically mentions that you can flip images. (Near the bottom under the heading “Images.”) Where is that option?

Hi josephxbrick!

Ah you’re right! That option is available by right-clicking on an image widget, and selecting “Flip Horizontal” or “Flip Vertical”. Please note that an image will need to be imported into the image widget for this option to be available:

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Hi Chelsea!

Thanks! I had tried it without importing an image first.