Mixed content dynamic text

Is there a way to build a text area count length with mixed content?

i.e. mixing variables with text, something like ( [[255 - text.length]] of 255 characters remaining )


Yes - your something-like example is pretty much exactly how you do it. If you are entering a value that accepts expressions (it will have an fx button), anything inside the double brackets will be evaluated, and everything outside of the brackets will be static text. You can have multiple expressions in there as well.

Example, let’s say you need the date 5 days from now:


The slashes, since they are outside of the brackets, will show up as static text. Also, not your question but useful for date calculations, because you are adding 5 days to the date, month, and year, this date expression will properly cross month and year borders

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That’s great,

thanks for the rapid response.