Mobile: can't set focus on text field when it's inside a dynamic panel



I have a dynamic panel with two states: collapsed (default) and expanded. If the user taps on the panel, it must expand and show a text field. Then, the user can tap the text field to add some input.

On my laptop it works. But when I try it on my phone (Mobile Safari, iOS 12), I can’t seem to select the text field. I see the field highlight, but it doesn’t trigger the keyboard.

My guess is that it has something to do with the onClick event on the dynamic panel. It probably prohibits all interaction with the inner elements.

Am I using the right approach?

Edit: did some extra testing: if I add an onClick event to the text-field and set the focus to this widget, it works properly on Mobile Safari

text-field.rp (49.8 KB)


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ve gone ahead and filed this as a bug. As you mentioned, adding an OnClick event to the text-field to set focus to the text field widget is the best workaround.

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