Mobile Nav Bar appears even after "adding proto to Home"


just started using axure 8 again (after a couple years away) to create a mobile app prototype.

i know that if i add the first page of my proto to my Home screen to create the shortcut entrypoint, it will remove the mobile browser top & bottom navs.

but i just did this, and when i make my first tap from the Home screen to load the 2nd page, it is bringing the top & bottom nav bars back! on that second page.

then the top nav has a “done” button, which, upon clicking, takes me back to the 1st page.

how can i fix this?

here is a link to an old project that used to work properly, but i opened it today to see if it had the same issue as my new proto, and it does.

first, add it to your Home screen, then tap on the “keep it in paypal” option. you will see the new page loaded has the nav bars for soem reason