Mobile Prototype - use of keyboard affecting visibility after collapsed

UPDATE: This seems to have been a bug - overnight it “fixed itself” and is no longer an issue.

Hi folks,

I’ve developed a prototype that involves “typing a postcode” into a text field and hitting “check” (to submit). This is fine when I preview it on desktop, however I’ve noticed that on a mobile, if I type in the postcode, and then do not press “Done” on the keyboard and instead hit “check” on the prototype, the keyboard becomes a white space that inhibits the visibility of the prototype. This means that the user can then only see the design above the white space of the keyboard area - even though the keyboard is apparently collapsed.
I’ve attached a screenshot here of the keyboard and the effect of simply tapping the"check" button on the design instead of the keyboard’s “done”:

It does correct itself afterwards if the keyboard is reused, by tapping the “Done” button.

Can this be fixed without having to instruct users to use “Done” on the keyboard?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


I think its a bug. It was happening on iPhone XS and then stopped the next day. During user testing, it occurred for 1 of 7 users who all ran it off their iPhones. I just talked the user through it, said its a prototype bug, that there was a workaround if they needed it. The participant went ok just scrolling within the visible space - they had assumed it was still loading and needed that prompt. Not ideal, but that’s them breaks I think when working within a prototype and deadlines etc.

The workaround for me was to go back to the text field, and retype in input and use the “Check” button - that would remove the white space.