Mobile Prototyping Issues with dragging entire page instead of dynamic panels

I had issues with mobile prototyping using Axure 8 on iOS devices earlier this year which significantly derailed my usability testing.

The main problem is that when users attempt to drag a dynamic panel, this ends up dragging the entire interface.

  • I tried including the viewport tag and adjusting the width height for my specific device
  • I tried selecting “prevent vertical page scrolling” option
  • I tried re-creating on Axure 9

Has this been fixed?

If you don’t assign an event with actions (e.g,. OnDrag, OnSwipe) on the dynamic panel, then yes, the page would scroll just like dragging anywhere else on the page. Do you intend for the users to move the dynamic panel on the page, or scroll the contents of the dynamic panel, or something else?

So, to move a dynamic panel around, use the OnDrag event with the action of “Move This with drag”. To scroll the contents of a dynamic panel, you can right-click the dynamic panel (in the RP editor) and choose one of the “Scrollbars” options. In a mobile prototype (touchscreen device) the scrollbars won’t appear, bu this will enable a “drag to scroll panel contents” experience.

Or you can use the OnDrag event with the action of “Move MyGroup with dragY” or “…with dragX” (where “MyGroup” is all the contents of the dynamic panel) and set some boundaries to limit the movement of the contents within the dynamic panel. I’ve found this to be very reliable and presents the same visuals and experience for desktop (mouse) and mobile (touchscreen) views.

Thanks for your reply,

  • There is no need to scroll within the app I am testing as all content is available within a specific viewport, let’s say 1064 x 768 px as an example.
  • I want the users to be able to drag dynamic panels (that have OnDrag events already assigned to them), without the background moving.
  • I do not need to scroll the contents of a dynamic panel.