Mockup interactions stops working with latest version. Axure share affected as well


I have one rather complex mock that completely stopped working with version
Downloaded the previous version 3886 and it is working again.

When launching with the current version one page of my mock has no interaction working anymore. No hover effects, no on-load actions, no clicks, nothing. The mock is totally static. Unfortunately this is a very complex mock and I cannot create a stripped down version to reproduce it. I am willing to share the mock with Axure devs for troubleshooting, but due to IP I can’t share it here.

Downloaded the older version and it works again locally. The bad thing: Axure share obviously is using the latest code to generate its mocks and therefore I cannot share a working prototype with my stakeholders anymore. So I need help here quickly.


Hi @yaba,

We want to apologize that you are seeing this issue with your projects on our build. We would be happy to investigate and get to the bottom of this. Feel free to send a copy of the affected .rp file to our teams at


Thank you very much. I have sent a copy of the RP file and a link to the mock on Axshare to the support email address.


Hi Team,

I’m running into the same issue with my prototypes.
JS console is giving a few errors with regards to repeaters,
unfortunately I didn’t copy the exact errors and I can’t reproduce them atm.

However, after removing repeaters from the affected pages of my prototype they started working again.


I recommend to get in touch with the support email address. They were able to reproduce my problem and confirmed it. Plus I have a workaround now:

Download the previous version of Axure from the Downloads page. In team projects, check out the affected page and do an actual change (do not just check out and check in again - that was my earlier msitake). Check in with the older version. Mockup should come back to live again.

Stay on the older Axure version until this issue is fixed.