"Monzo-Esque" Numeric Input field format

Hello there,

I am new to Axure and would be very grateful for any support in trying to create a numeric format typically used in banking. I have attached a gif to this thread to help demonstrate the input filed behavior I am trying to replicate on Axure. If you need any further information, please do let me know!

Look forward to learning more!

Thank you!

hmm not sure…

if you set the input widget to integer, does it not use that keyboard instead of the normal alphanumeric one?

if you are demoing on computer… id make a fake numeric keyboard to make the intent clear.
implementing this for real is a simple line to indicate the type of keyboard to use. in Axure…creating a ‘remote’ keypad…may …or mayn’t be worth the time to customize. especially since its a well known pattern.

sooo… good luck with that decision.