More flexible and reusable masters

On the announcement page I found the hint ‘More flexible and reusable masters’ which sounds really promising to me. I downloaded the beta but couldn’t find anything new related to masters. Could someone enlighten me, please?

Hi @klickibunti,
In the Axure RP9 tour you can find a page with more information about the masters.

Go to Help > Welcome Screen
Open: Axure RP9 tour file (Should be the first option in the list)
Find page named Master.


  • “You can override text and images on widgets in masters”
  • “Masters can now have different views, similar to Adaptive Views on pages, that allow you to change the appearance of widgets in the master.”

Thank you very much for pointing me to the new feature and also the RP9 Tour file.

The new master features look promising at first glance and will be tried out intensivelly.

Happy to help!
I tried the override of masters myself. It is great but has its limits.

You can override texts and images in a master, but if you have another master inside it you cannot override the second one without opening the first one. Meaning, you can’t have a lot of variation or composed elements. I think it could be a great feature to be able to override masters in masters.

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I did not see this at all. Thanks.

Hi SNaushadS!

You can find the Axure RP 9 Tour File via the Welcome Screen (on first launch of Axure RP, or accessible via “Help > Welcome Screen”):

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yeah its a little obscure but I’m glad they took the time to create it.

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