More methods about repeater?

Would the dev team consider bringing more methods about repeater. It’s so useful that whenever I need to do info interaction, I have no other choice but this. However sometimes I really need to get all infos from a certain column or a certain row. Or is there any getaround on this request?


I keep waiting for Axure to provide some kind of “lookup” command to their repeater. But without that, you can accomplish what you are trying to do with the “listener” method.

Basically, you place a widget (I use a hotspot) in the repeater row, and then you use a Move command in a widget outside of the repeater to move the hotspot by 0,0. This will cause the hotspot to receive the Moved message for each row in the repeater (even though it doesn’t actually move).

The cool thing is that in the Moved interaction of this hotspot, the code can access everything that Item Loaded can access: Item.index, Item.columnName, etc., because the hotspot is in the repeater row. It’s like a targeted version of Item Loaded for a particular task. And it’s good for lookups, because since you can access Item.columnName in a listener, you can use a condition to test the value of one or more columns in each row, to see whether this row is the one you want.

Here’s an example of using the listener method to perform a lookup: repeater lookup.rp (50.2 KB)

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Thanks so much dude. Opens up a new world for me.