Mouse enter Mouse exit not working with Show/Hide

I have two images. The top image is hidden. What I am trying to do is, when the mouse hovers on the image underneath, the top image shows and stays hidden otherwise. What I have right now is Mouse enter and mouse exit for both these images to show and hide the top image. Somehow tho, this isn’t working.

I am really new to Axure and need help

There could be several possible problems here, just as there are many possible ways “this isn’t working.”

It would be very helpful if you could post your .rp file here. This will let forum users inspect it and likely quickly find the issues and provide solutions (Just drag the file into the Reply text area, or click the little “upload” icon:

Something to keep in mind: When a widget is hidden it is not available at the user interaction level, so any UI events (like Mouse Enter, Mouse Exit, Click or Tap etc.) won’t work when a widget is hidden. There are several ways to get around this. The most direct would be to place an invisible (but not technically “Hidden”) widget in front of your image (and best if the same dimensions as the image.) The Hotspot widget is built just for this kind of thing. You can see it in the editor and assign any interactions as a regular widget, but it will not be visible to the user in the prototype (in the browser.)

You can cut & paste your interaction code from the images to the new Hotspots. For example,

  • in the RP editor, click your image widget to select it
  • In the INTERACTIONS pane, click “MOUSE ENTER” so that event is selected–the whole event will have an outlined border
  • Ctrl/Cmd-X to cut it (or right-click and choose “Cut”)
  • Click the new Hotspot widget to select it
  • Ctrl/Cmd-V to paste the interaction event (or right-click and choose “Paste”)
    • Or, In the INTERACTIONS pane, with a widget selected, click the “New Interaction” button
    • Find the “Mouse Enter” event in the list and click its “PASTE” button on the right