MouseDown across repeater widgets to select them

Hi guys,

I am trying to solve the following:

In my klickdummy, I want to select widgets in a repeater when I hold the mouse down and drag the cursor across them. When I release the mouse button, widgets should not be marked anymore on mouse enter.

Please see in the attached file how I attempted to that. It worked poorly once, but after I had to redo my solution I am running into a bug where upon MouseDown I get the graphics that you get when several conditions apply at once.

drag across widgets to select them.rp (101.3 KB)

Another feature that I did not find a good solution for is in the third column (type 3). Here the user should only be able to select 4 month as a block starting from the first selected month. If type 1 or 2 is selected for one of those month, they should be unselected while the 4 month for type 3 are selected.

Thank you for your advice!

I don’t have Axure 9 anymore so I can’t look at your project. I can say that if you’re getting the “Select a case” drop down in your prototype, try setting conditions on all of your cases, even if you don’t think it should need them. Axure gets easily confused when multiple, similar events are all used on the same widget (i.e., OnClick, MouseDown, MouseEnter, etc.).

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Hi huban,

thanks for your advice!

I tried to solve it in that way but that didn’t work. But then I found out that my MouseDown interaction is buggy somehow. I deleted and created it again and now it works:
drag across widgets to select them - fixed.rp (98.2 KB)

One problem remains: When dragging, sometimes my Chrome browser wants to drag the repeater with it. Also, always the the fields on the left side are marked when dragging. But perhaps that can’t be helped:

There’s a really clunky method you can try in order to prevent selecting the numbers in the “Month” column:

  1. Add a transparent shape and set its size large enough to cover all of the widgets.
  2. Move the two repeaters you want draggable above the shape in the z-index. Leave the “Month” column below so it is “covered” by the shape.

That should prevent highlighting the month numbers when dragging on the repeaters, so long as the cursor stays “above” the transparent shape.

To address the Chrome “ghost dragging”, there’s nothing native in Axure you can do. You’d have to use javascript injection to directly modify the HTML to somehow disable the dragging option.

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Thanks again for your advice Huban! It tried with the transparent shape but the month were still being selected. Maybe I didn’t do it properly. However, I had to stop trying to improve my klickdummy to time constraints and the client liked the demo anyways.

Sorry. Should have included an example: PartiallyBlockSelection.rp (56.0 KB)

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It works, thank you very much huban!

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