MouseDown effect on other widget

How can I make “MouseOver” style effect on one widget when I hover on other widget?
For example: I have two boxes: Box1 and Box2. I want whan I hover mouse on Box1 - Box2 use “MouseOver” style effect change color.

There’s a few ways to achieve the effect you want:

The easiest way is to put both boxes in a group and select the “Trigger Mouse Interaction Styles” in its properties. However, this means the effect “goes-both-ways”; hovering over Box2 will trigger Box1’s “MouseOver”.

If you only want Box1 to affect Box2, you can make Box2 a dynamic panel with one of the states looking like it’s hovered. Then have Box1’s “OnMouseEnter” event trigger the panel state change. You can also do something very similar by just using Box2’s “Selected” style instead. OnMouseEnter Box1 sets Box2 as selected and OnMouseOut to unselected.

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