Mouseenter, mouseout & click state on same widget is not working

Since hover state is bit slow in rendering, i used mouse enter and mouse out state to show and hide another widget (Box with Plus) on top of it.

And when i tried to click on (Box with Plus) it should show till i toggle it off.
But now, when i hover out/ mouse out,Box with plus gets hidden.

Can you plz help me to show on click.

fruit-apple.rp (63.8 KB)


If I understand it correctly, you are trying to keep the box with the plus visible after it is used to display the “form” element. I created an alternative version but instead of multiple elements I used only one and change it with styles as this keeps your prototype cleaner and efficient - check the Home v2 page.

fruit-apple.rp (65.7 KB)

At the moment the box with plus will remain visible until you click it and move the cursor away from it (it can be changed to instantly switch state by forcing it to disable state which could contain the same styling as default styling).

Hope this helps,

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Hey. you have made it so simple. Thankyooooooou :grinning: :grinning::grinning: