Move a project link from private to shared workspace

I am working in a file in a shared workspace and I usually publish my project links to the this shared workspace. But somehow one of my project links was generated in my personal workspace instead.

I can’t figure out how to move that link to the shared workspace.

The link doesn’t show in my personal workspace, I guess because the Axure file itself is in a different workspace. So I can’t move it using the Axure Cloud interface.

I can only see the link from within the publishing menu in the application, and I don’t see any tools in the application for moving it. Is there somewhere else I can manage/edit the link?

Hi @tahinicat,
Thank you for reaching out to us! You can move your project to a public workspace by logging into Axure Cloud and following the steps in this instruction: I hope this helps! :smiley:

Hi Tatiana,
The project itself is already in a public workspace. But for some reason one of the links published in my private workspace. How do I move the link to the shared workspace that the project already lives in?

Also, I’m not sure why it created the link in my private workspace to begin with, since the project is not there, it’s in a shared workspace.


I see, so now whenever you are trying to publish your project, it’s published in the private workspace, and you need it to be in a shared workspace but with the same URL, correct? You can change it by going to the main menu and selecting “Publish>Publish to Axure Cloud”. In the newly opened window, click on the dropdown menu next to the blue “Update” button and select “Replace an Existing Project”. Then, click on the three-dots menu button next to “Select a project on Cloud”, and select the file you want to replace with an updated version in the correct workspace. Then click on the blue button “Replace Project”. Axure will remember the new path, and the next time when you publish your project, Axure will save your prototype in the new workspace. Please note, that this action will replace the existing project in the shared workspace with your version.

Hi Tatiana, this doesn’t work. Have you tried it?

When I select the private URL, it doesn’t allow me to move it. The URL just stays where it is in my private workspace. If I select a project in the shared workspace to replace, it keeps the URL that’s already tied to that project. There’s no way for me to tell it to use the URL from the private workspace instead.

Hi Heather, if you moved your project into another workspace using the Axure Cloud interface, then the first time when you publish your project after this, the link below “Last published to:” will still show the last path that you used to publish your project into the Cloud, with your Private Workspace. Once you click on the “Update” button, the path should change to the correct one that points to a shared workspace. When you do it, the URL will still be the same, even though the project itself has been moved into another workspace. If you’d like to change a link, then you can publish into a new project.
The other thing that you might want to check is if you are using the same email accounts for Axure Cloud and Axure RP.
I hope this helps!