Move a repeater to cursor position on MouseEnter


I would like to use my repeater as a tooltip. Depending on where I mouseover, I want the repeater to filter to match the object I’m hovering - this works - and then I want it to move to where I’m hovering - this doesn’t.

I’m hovering over a chart, so data points are not a part of the repeater. Only the tooltip.

I just seem to cannot get the mouse coordinates right.

I will be very grateful if somebody could take a look at the attached rp file and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

You can see different tries on different data points. I was just experimenting.

Thank you.

move_repeater.rp (72.4 KB)

You can’t move a widget that’s inside of a repeater to a location outside of it. You can wrap the entire repeater in a dynamic panel and move that to your cursor coordinates.

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Thank you

This works :slight_smile:

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