Move Boundaries do not seem to work

I am moving a Dynamic panel (named BtnRight) upwards with the Move command which is activated on a different button and I want to stop the move at a limit. I add a Boundary with the top to be less or equal to -227. As such it SHOULD stop moving the widget BtnRight at or above that point. NOT. Axure ignores it.

So I add a label and on the MouseUp of the button that activates the Move on MouseDown I put the value of into the label… then I add a Case to this button on the MouseDown to NOT activate when the label = -227. Again it is ignored. What’s going on?

So I tried this again…
New file.
Drew a box, named it Position. Drew an Up Button and a Down. On the MouseDown the Up Moves a -10 on Y, the Down Button does a Move in Y with a +10. Works fine. Tried to put boundaries on Up and Down and neither work. Seems to me the Boundary concept was made for 1 or two USE cases (such as sliders) but conceptually do not work elsewhere’s.
To continue… I nix the Boundaries… then add to each button on the MouseUp to put the into it’s text to use with the button’s Cases. Then added a case to each button to only fire the MouseDown if the text were within specific bounds. This time the Cases work. I go back to my project and it’s exactly the same.
So… it seems to me there’s really 2 issues here: 1., Boundaries in Move are conceptually not what one should expect which means it won’t work in all use cases (which is totally out of line given the price of Axure!) and 2. Even worse…There’s a seriously reliability issue with Axure. I’ve seen this before. It seems as though the connections to objects break. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t.

You can also do this based on the initial position of your object.
For example: your object is anywhere on your page, you can note somewhere the initial position X Y, and then you manually slide your object in question to where you can move it in your website and you also copy this position X Y.
Keep doing ‘Onclick’, slide to the new position X Y Wishing.
I hope you got it, good luck.

It sounds like you might have this reversed. If your boundary is set up with “top less than or equal to -227” then the widget would only move if its top edge is less than -227. Try changing this boundary to “top greater than or equals -227” That would change the logic to “move BtnRight as long as it is lower than -227 px”

It would really help if you could upload your .rp file. Kind of hard to understand just what is going on with verbal descriptions only.

I don’t follow your logic that if something does not work the way you expect then it won’t work in all use cases. These don’t seem to follow, nor are they related to each other. But, i gather the gist of your point. In general the Boundaries provide a condition for when to allow a Move action. The widget(s) in your Move action will move as long as the condition is true, will not move if the condition is false, and will stop moving at which point the condition would be false. That is the concept, and it works how I expect–but I did have to learn how to effectively use them. Here is the Axure documentation:

I have found move boundaries to be reliable. Could you elaborate more about connections breaking? Could you post an .rp file with an example? In some cases I have seen issues when using a Drag event to move a group or dynamic panel that is nested within another dynamic panel: The “zero point” can shift–such that moving the group to x=0 no longer aligns with the left edge of the outer dynamic panel. (Which reminds me I should notify Axure support of this possible bug.)

You can always send an email to with specific questions, complaints, to report bugs or request features or changes.

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