Move & Loop a GIF

I’m sure there is a simple answer that I’m looking right past.

I have a gif of an electric arc that I want to move vertically, then repeat. Think of a Jacobs Ladder arc going up the poles — zzzzzzzzap, zzzzzzzzzap, zzzzzzzzap. I have the GIF starting and moving on load and it works just fine. I just want it to keep repeating as long as it is on screen.

My question is how do you get the GIF to jump back down to its starting place and continue to loop?

Put a condition on your move action that the y position of the image must be greater than 0…

Then, add an else that moves it back. Here’s a nerdy example - it moves it to the bottom of the screen when it loads and then moves it back to the bottom after it has moved to the top.

animationLoop.rp (59.0 KB)