Move to Next Page Interacting with typing decimal in input field

I have a dollar amount input that requires user to type “.” and it invokes the next page shortcut. How do I disable that feature?

If a text field is focused, then the ‘.’ shortcut should be disabled automatically. You can focus the field on page load (using a Page Loaded interaction) if the user may not focus it themselves.

Thanks for replying Dave.

I set focus on the input still not working.

I can’t replicate the issue - you could try posting your .rp file (or an edited version without any confidential stuff in it) so other users can try and see the same problem? Or email

Easiest way to replicate:

1 - Make sure you heve more than one page.

2 - Place a standard textfield (works perfectly, “Move between pages” disabled while focused).

3 - Delete its “Hint” style (“Move between pages” is now enabled from within the focused textfield)

It is true for here.