'Move to' origin seems on canvas, not window


i dont know if it was done on purpose but the way X position is calculated in the ‘move to’ function has change.

A link as an example: https://98bg50.axshare.com/

The behavior (moveY RECT to [[window.width - RECT.width]] ) works correctly if the screensize is bellow 1024 px, but not beyond.

It seems that the moveTo X position is calculated regarding the canvas (1024 px), not the window width.

The maths to make a workaround are pretty simple, but i dunt know if this behavior is intended or not.

Thanks in advance.


Your right, the move is calculated from window size not canvas (that must be the reference in your case). To avoid it, you must set page dimension as a custom device.

Result here : https://6hurop.axshare.com/#id=nu5wa7&p=home

Resize_move.rp (44.0 KB)

Content mustn’t be centered when page dimension is “Fit to Content” that generate to much error when we want create smart resizing of prototypes. @Jane_Axure, @Rachel have you some return about that?

Hi guys!

I see the same behavior in Axure RP 8 as in the 9 beta where moving a widget to [[window.width - widget.width]] on a centered page will calculate the move taking into account the entire page as a whole, resulting in the widget moving off the page to the far right and enabling the horizontal scrollbar. Is that different from what you’re experiencing, or am I misunderstanding the issue? Once you clarify this for me, I’ll be happy to further assist!

Well i looked into my old projects where i use that kind of interactions.

You right it was the same problem in RP8 and now i remember the workaround found,… (witch is pretty complex).

Anyway, it would be awesome if you allow to take browser as reference in the ‘move to’ interaction. (ie. a dropdown with ‘page / browser / parent’ choices as move references).

Thanks for you’re efforts :slight_smile: and sorry for my bad english as it’s not my mother language.