Moving a record in link from 1 cell to other


I have a table with 3 records one below the other. Now on click of a button I want to move 3rd record to 1st place and 2nd record to 3rd place and 1st record to second place i.e. basically want to reorder the records on click of a button. Now what actually happens is that using set text still eventually when i set the text based on widget value after all values are set and i click the button as a result only 1 value is displayed in all three cells. Kindly let me know how this can be done. Its a little urgent.

Would you mind uploading your prototype?

Ya sure.
Please find attached the prototype.manage emails.rp (1.8 MB)

go to Capital account folder under gulf stream capital inc. Click on envelope icon shown on top. Now a pop-up opens. Click send. Now on click of send i want to arrange the names in alphabetical order.


Hi Rahul,

Have you tried using a repeater instead of a table to display your items? The rows of a repeater have the ability to be sorted according to a specific order of values in their columns (e.g. number, text). For your prototype, you can try creating a repeater to store all of the information currently inside of your table and then applying an alphabetical sort to the column of the repeater that contains the contact names.

I’d recommend checking out this tutorial about sorting repeater rows, which will help give you a better idea of how you can set this up in your own file:

I hope this helps!