Moving Cursor - X,Y Coordinates

Hi Guys,

I am trying to make something, but I cant think of a way how to do it.
(Look at Axure file please) I want to be able to move my mouse around the phone screenshot,
and once i move my mouse numbers in β€œX:” and β€œY:” should changing, as you would be picking coordinates on the phone and then one click on the screenshot would stop the coodrinates so you can add them.

Anyway of how to do it ? Help appriciated :smile:
Coordinates.rp (182.5 KB)

Hi @Savrin,

you can track OnPageMouseMove the X- and Y-coordinates and set those as text on the textfields. OnClick on the Add-Button you can hand them over to result list.

See the attached RP-file for details.

Coordinates.rp (165.4 KB)

If you need more than one result like in your example, this may work with a repeater where you add rows to the repeater widget. Unfortunately I hadn’t time to add this case. But maybe you can play around with it.

I just added a repeater widget and works now with multiple results:
Coordinates.rp (170.4 KB)

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That’s amazing, Thank you so much :slight_smile: